With just about everyone’s day-job transforming in radical ways over the last 6 months, It’s more important now than ever to invest in our own efficiencies. As that future has become more clear, it has become crucial for us to continue looking for ways to adapt. Despite whatever happens, for many of us, things may be different after the pandemic ends. It’s likely that our workplaces may continue to trend more and more into our own homes.

Whatever your physical location, having the freedom to transform your workspace into a place that works for you is one you should be taking advantage of. Not only might it make your work more productive, but it will likely enhance your mood in general. Separating your home life and your work life can be difficult, but it’s all about getting into the right headspace. And the right physical space can do just that!

So, here are our personal favorite ways to enhance a home office.

  1. A Big Ol’ Desk

Everything’s bigger in Texas, so we love to start out with the biggest desk we can get our hands-on. If you’re working on a tight square-footage budget, an L-shaped desk is a great way to make great use of the area. Simply line it up in the corner and make great use of the tabletop! Spreading out your work over a big desk is a great way to really make space your own. And, the bigger the desk the more decorations you can fit

  1. More & More Monitors

From a functional standpoint, there’s not much more efficient of a product to buy for your home office. If you work on the computer a lot, once you get a monitor you’ll never want to work without one. They simply just end up making everything so much easier. Spread your tabs out instead of keeping everything crammed on one page! Watch Netflix while you pay the bills! It’s that easy!

  1. Bring The Outside In

While the weather may be scorching now, as we move into fall you’ll be staring out the window daydreaming more and more. For us, one of our home office must-haves is indoor greenery! Surrounding yourself with little (or big) plants, cacti, or even trees just seems to have a calming effect. And taking care to water them is a great way to take a 5-minute break!

If you’re looking to create more space for yourself at home, we can help! Whether that means a home office, a bigger backyard, or anything in between, we are here to help. Just reach out! Forming relationships with our clients is our number one focus. We are there with our clients from start to finish. And at the end of it all, we’ll celebrate (with masks on, and wine glasses in hand!)