These days, we all need a place we can get away from the world around us. Down here in Texas, we only get so many beautiful weather days, and they are finally upon us. With the skies clear and blue and the breeze cool and fresh, we can’t help but want to spend our evenings outside. And if you’re still working from home, a backyard workstation may not be a bad idea. So, it’s time to pick a weekend, roll up those sleeves, and make your dream backyard a reality!

Starting with… the deck.

If you’re working with a deck in your backyard, this is going to be the best place to start out your remodeling. Creating a space that is functional is the best way to get plenty of use out of your backyard. We all wish we used our patios more, and that’s the best way to do so! Carve out a specific place for relaxing. Choose chairs that are actually comfortable! And if you’re looking to get some computer work done out on your deck, pick a coffee table that is high enough to double as a desk. 

One of our favorite ways to enhance the deck experience is by making it a place where the outside interacts with the inside. Incorporating a plethora of plants and vines in your design will make the space blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Our next best piece of advice? Do what you can to ensure the privacy of your backyard. This could mean investing in a new fence, higher hedges, or other landscaping tools. Part of creating a seamless backyard experience means feeling safe to relax there. Your backyard should be your little private oasis!

Investing in your backyard is one of the best ways to make your home feel more diverse. If you’re not using your backyard space, you’re missing out on a valuable aspect of your home investment! Don’t miss out on what may end up being your favorite part of your home.