Building a new home is an exciting endeavor… At first.

Deciding on every single tiny detail is enough to tire even the most fervent soon-to-be homeowner. It may even be enough to make them forget about one of the most important aspects of any real estate purchase.

The Realtor.

If you’ve ever built a home, you’ve probably dealt mainly with the sales consultant. The SC is the one who promoted you the design and usually takes on the ‘role’ that a realtor would in a typical sale. The thing that many of their unsuspecting customers don’t realize is that the salesman does NOT represent them. They represent the builder.

Confident in the SC to help them decide on the design, discuss prices with the builder, and handle much of the detail work, buyers forgo the use of a realtor. Thus, they miss out on valuable expertise that comes with having a knowledgeable professional on their side. But how important is this experience?

When builders cut corners during the build, or short change the buyers during negotiations, there is often nobody to stop them. We’ve seen horror stories of penny-pinching builders substituting cheaper materials, hiring unskilled employees, and cutting corners on system installs. If your builder skimps on insulation levels, or inefficient heating/cooling systems, your heating bill will waste your money for years to come.

The fact is, a second professional opinion that’s sole purpose is to make your dream home perfect is essential in ALL real estate purchases. Including new home builds. The purpose of a realtor is not just to help you find the right home, but to act as a guide throughout the entire buying, designing, and signing day process. Finding a realtor that you can trust brings peace of mind knowing that you have cutting edge industry experience on your team. That experience can save you time, money, and stress in every facet of the build.

We see new homeowners making the SAME mistakes when building on their lot over and over again. If you are looking for a second opinion that you can TRUST, reach out to us today.

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