Ask your realtor if they go on the offensive and you may get a funny look.

The truth is, with the advent of online home buying/selling, it is much easier for a realtor to do his or her job when it comes to marketing your home.

Step One: Sit at a desk

Step Two: Post to Socials, Zillow, and HAR.

Step Three: Wait

This passive approach often works… Slowly. The fact that it works is the biggest problem because it’s just so much easier. Realtors often decide to stop marketing after step three and just wait for buyers to line up at the front door. BUT, the longer your home sits out in the market, the quicker the price falls. You’re missing out on all the returns from your home investment, letting them slip down the drain. We’ve come a long way from simply putting a sign in the yard, but these tactics are just too slow. This “post and pray” attitude permeates this industry, but the tools that have created it can also be used to get out on the offensive.

66% of homebuyers are now Millennials, and 95% of Millennials in the United States use social media.  BUT, 95% of Millennials definitely aren’t following your Facebook account. Using social media to promote a home only just starts at the organic posting level. Using our unique knowledge of The North Houston area, we build ads around demographics that allow us to target certain individuals that may be interested in your home.

We use these techniques to spark interest in the home, and then follow up with a friendly phone call. We can directly show your listing to every individual in The Woodlands area who spends time on Zillow, Trulia, or Redfin. Got a perfect home for a newlywed? We can target them directly as well. This is important because the individuals don’t need to be following our account to see the ad.

Building the content of the ad starts with an eye-catching, engaging idea. We can highlight important features of the home, draw them in by revealing the price or even create a video giving the viewer a tour.

In the end, getting eyes on your home is easy. But you need a realtor who has the knowledge, the experience, and the technique to engage that viewer and turn them into a buyer. We’ve been working in this area for years, and we are ready to use our tools to sell your home FAST!