The benefits of right-sizing extend far beyond simply having fewer floors to vacuum. Our goal has always been to help our clients find the RIGHT home for them, and that means finding our clients a space that they will utilize to its maximum potential. Simplifying your life through right-sizing truly can be a freeing experience, and we’re here to help every step of the way! So, here are several ways you can benefit from finding the right-sized home.

  1. First off, decreasing the size of your home often means decreasing that mortgage. 
  2. Get ready to watch as those utility bills shrink! Why pay money to heat and cool rooms you don’t even use? (Or even like…)
  3. We see way too many people with extra bathrooms or bedrooms who would much rather have that extra space in the kitchen. Why not live in a space that better fits your day-to-day? This is one of our favorite parts about right-sizing… Who knew a smaller house could come with a bigger kitchen!
  4. Let’s face it, less space means less cleaning and less upkeep. Ultimately, there are fewer sinks to clog up and fewer windows to Windex.
  5. Prefer to drink your morning coffee outside on the back porch? Getting a ‘little house’ on the prairie may be the perfect way to upgrade your backyard. Move that money from your dusty guest bedroom into landscaping your new backyard!
  6. Ultimately, smaller homes are so much easier to furnish. Your level of consumption will go down if you don’t have the space to put extra things you buy at the store. Trips to Target will become less expensive and you won’t be overwhelmed by “stuff” which can be a source of anxiety.

We are here to help our clients get the home that fits with their lifestyle. If your home doesn’t meet all of your needs, there may be some ways you can upgrade AND save money! WE know this area, and we know it’s options. Don’t go it alone!