When it comes to selling your home, there are a lot of factors to be considered. Having a process lined out before you begin ensures that no steps are missed. Just last month, there were over 1000 active listings in The Woodlands and Magnolia area. It’s critical for your home to stand out from the many others that are inevitably surrounding it when you first list it!

Most Realtors do what I call, the “3 P’s” when it comes to listing a home…

  1. Put a sign in the yard.
  2. Put it on MLS.
  3. Pray it sells.

The problem with the “3 P’s” plan is that the listing agent sits back and waits for a buyer’s agent to bring a buyer.

While this is a pretty typical plan, it lacks the detail and intentionality that a great marketing plan should entail. The act of listing your home is simple. But I don’t consider myself a listing agent…I consider myself a selling agent. When you’re ready to sell your home, I create a customized marketing plan based on all your home has to offer. Having all the necessary paperwork and research completed before the home hits the market is one of the secrets in our simple process to get your home from “Coming Soon” to “Sold” so quickly. From ensuring our team has all disclosures completed and listed online when the listing hits the market to hiring an appraiser to provide a professional measurement of the home to make sure you’re not leaving any money in the table, we are able to get the most money for your home in the least amount of time. It’s my job to take every step BEFORE I list your home to make sure that it is set up to for success the moment it is listed.

While we do check off those three P’s, we believe it’s necessary to add a fourth “P” which is this:

Proactively look for buyers for your home.

We do this in two ways.

  1. We have an advantage. Griffin Realty Group is made up of people who specialize in both buying and selling. Our buyer agents are as determined to find you your dream home as I am to sell the one you are stuck in. (Find out about their process here) Working alongside them gives me access to a pool of hungry buyers who they have been equally as intentional with to find out their desires and needs.
  2. We have a department of our team that is dedicated to making calls all day to find potential buyers that could be a good fit for your home. 

Everything we’ve done up to this point comes to play now as we begin to share all the unique details we’ve been collecting for your listing. This is the best part. Both sides of our business suddenly come together when we realize we’ve made the perfect match between buyer and seller. This makes each detailed step in our process more than worth it as we witness our buyer finding the home they’ve been looking for, and our seller hand over the keys to someone who will treasure and enjoy the house as much as they did.