2022 is already off to an incredible start, and we hope that for you too! Are you feeling inspired to spruce up your home this year? Feeling motivated to make subtle changes that make a world of difference? Well, 2022 is already flooded with stunning interior design trends to make your home feel clean, fresh, modern, organized and stylish, all at a budget that works with everyone’s pockets!

As we enter the second month of the new year, it is good to remind yourself that simpler is better and more doesn’t always mean better, especially at home. This year’s trends revolve around simplicity and modernity and this doesn’t mean getting rid of all the things you cherish!

If you’ve recently purchased a home, or are looking to in the near future, Griffin Realty wants to offer you the best ideas on how to elevate your home and bring it to the next level of style!


  1. Biophilic Design: After a long year stuck inside the walls of your home, it is a GOOD idea to brighten things up! Whether that means opening a wall and placing some windows there to freshen and lighten up the space, or re-painting a clean white to bring alive the natural lighting your home already has to offer. Remove those blinds and let that vitamin D in, because LIGHT is the biggest trend in interior design for 2022!
  2. Bold Patterns and Colors: Although things are more simple this go-around, it is never a bad idea to add a pop of something on a wall or two in your living space. If you’re feeling bored in your home, add some flavor by getting some simple step wallpaper on one accent wall, in whichever room you feel is best! This is affordable, fun and is removable without destructing any of the bones of your home when you’re just not feelin’ it anymore!
  3. Traditional and Pattern Mixing Details: A home can be brought to life as easily as purchasing some new pillows for your sectional or sofa. Mixing patterns is all the rage right now in interior design, so get those stripes, polka dots and houndstooth pillows and make your room a classy, traditional yet still modern space!
  4. Decor: The 70s are back in action. Vintage art is easy to find and surprisingly affordable too! Stop at your favorite vintage or antique store and grab a poster, a photograph or ANYTHING. It may already be framed, but if not there are tons of affordable ways to get that thing framed and hung in your home!