We have news for you. The perfect home…doesn’t exist. Well, at least, probably not the way you picture it. 

The perfect house is…

80% what you want.

10% you can change.

10% you can live with.

We get it. A home is a huge investment, not only financially but emotionally too! Your first home or dream home is something you’ve considered for a very long time, and whether you realize it or not, your expectations are likely high and specific. While it’s smart to be picky and have confidence in your list of “must-haves”, there are other things to consider when searching for your “perfect home”. 


You can’t change the location. 

You can’t change the lot size. 

If you can find a floor plan you like, in a location that you love on a nice size lot, it may be worth taking a look. 

When coming up with your list of “must-haves” in your new home, remember what can be altered/updated vs. what is permanent. 

Things you can’t change…

Location. Pretty non-negotiable. Decide the environment you want your new home to be in, and go after it! Consider things like the lot size, schools, neighborhood, surrounding amenities, commute times, etc. This is something that will take a decent amount of thought and research to help rule out areas you know you don’t want to be in. 

Things you can change…

Cosmetics. It can be such an immediate disappointment walking into a home with weird wallpaper or dirty bathrooms but remember…these. are. not. permanent. Even for the homebuyer on a budget, these are the things that are worth looking past. When you compare these changes to compromises in size or location, it’s apples to oranges. Don’t settle in critical areas for things you can deal with for a little while. 

Being in the real estate industry, we’ve come to the tough realization that EVERY home has something that is not ideal. But don’t be discouraged! It’s our job to remind you of the things that really matter in a home, and find the one that best fits what YOU need. These are just a few of those items. If you’re struggling to decide what’s non-negotiable on your next home, book an appointment with us. We’re here to help.