We are so excited to announce that the Griffin Realty Group has grown! Since this journey began in 2016, we have added 4 incredible new members to our team. We have been slowly but surely building this team, piece by piece. We are now proud to say that we truly have built our dream team.

We are dedicated to maintaining the culture and level of service that we provide to our clientele across the board within our company. Therefore, we are making sure that every new member we bring on is fully aware of the level of service we provide and the standards we hold ourselves to. Training our staff has been an incredible reminder of the goals that we have had for this company since the beginning.

From the start, our mission was to simply exceed the expectations of our clients. We make going above and beyond the norm. As a result, we have built dozens of long-lasting relationships with our clients. As we have evolved, we realized that there is a major problem in the home buying and selling process.

People DREAD selling or buying a new home.

We have always felt that getting a new home shouldn’t be seen as a painful transaction. It’s a milestone in your life! Our goal is to make buying or selling your new home feel a lot less scary and tedious, and a lot more like a leap into a bright future.

The first way we do this is by going above and beyond with the monotonous transaction side of the equation. Often, this is the source of many homeowner headaches, but we walk with our clients each and every step of the way to make sure that the process is as smooth and transparent as possible. This is the easy part of the training for our new employees. It’s the relational side that is much harder to articulate.

 We take steps to build relationships with our clients. If we can win their trust, that’s one step closer to peace of mind in this big step in their life. As we progress through each part of the process, we are dedicated to picking up the phone to answer questions at any time, any place. Ultimately, we hope to be there with a bottle of wine and a big smile at the end of the load road. As we grow this company, this is the most important value we strive to build our culture on. It’s the best way to make this process one we are excited to take part in!

 We don’t measure our success through achievements or awards, but rather through the satisfaction of our clients. That’s It!

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