Selling your home can often feel like it’s dragging on and on. While it is a big decision, many often find themselves feeling impatient. Whether you’re waiting for the right time to sell, waiting for the right buyer, or just can’t seem to attract attention, there are plenty of things you can do to help. Often, these are the best ways to increase the total ROI on the home. And we’ll be right there along side you helping out!

The first thing a potential buyer sees when they arrive at your home is the exterior. We take extra steps with all of our clients to help them prepare and perfect their home’s curb appeal. Here are several of the most common ways we help our clients attract more buyers, and more money!

Replace the entry door. According to NAR replacing an older door with a more ergonomic, modern door is a 102% return on investment when selling a home. It won’t break the bank (price range is from $100 to $500) so this is a great option for homes of all shapes and sizes.

Replace the garage door. The garage door often takes up a large part of the front of the home. Replacing it might seem like a real chore, but an old, rusted or stained door is a huge turn-off for house hunters. A new garage door can truly make that entire side of the house feel new and, according to NAR, return about 89% of its value.

Power-wash the driveway. This is one of our personal favorites. It’s not uncommon for one of our agents to spend an afternoon with a client making their driveway look brand new again. It makes a huge difference, and is a great way to get outside in some good weather!

Clear the gutters. If your gutters resemble potted plants, it’s time to clean them. If they hang lower than the roofline, reattach them. A cluttered gutter signals to potential buyers that you’ve given up, and they likely will, too.

Plant flowers. There’s nothing like a bit of color to make your home stand out on the street. Unfortunately, it’s pretty common to let this get detail thrown by the wayside, but it can make a huge difference!

Tuck-point (Brick Homes). If you live in a brick home, be sure to have it tuckpointed. This is a process that artificially makes old brick look tight and polished. Not only does a freshly tuck-pointed house look better, it is also sealed against water damage.

Paint the exterior. Painting your home is often the first step for a home seller. But, consult with us on the color! Depending on the area, different home colors may sell at higher prices. This is traditionally one of the more effective investments you can make into preparing to sell a home.

Trim trees. Going above and beyond (literally) with your landscaping is a game-changer. This is a sure-fire way to make your home stand out from neighbors.

Leave a light on. This isn’t just leaving the front porch light on. Strategically placing lights around the yard to illuminate key features of the home ensures that any buyers driving by at night will have something to look at. This is a great way to show off all that hard work you did when landscaping!

We’re with you every step of the way in this process. We use our industry experience and area knowledge to get you the best bang for your buck when selling your home! 

Thanks for reading!