Home decor and home decor trends are changing constantly. Many home decor trends come and go with the seasons. What is trending in winter home decor this year? Read on to find out! 


The Frame TV     

The Frame TV has been a popular trend in 2022, and it continues to trend this winter, adding to your winter aesthetic. The Frame TV is a perfect addition to your winter home decor because you can customize what the TV looks like when it is off. You can tailor this to your winter decor by using an image that fits the wintertime. Add a snowy landscape, holiday ornaments, a winter skilift, or even Santa and his reindeer as the still image in your frame TV to bring some winter into your home through the unique versatility of the frame TV.  


The Hoop Wreath

The hoop wreath is another item that is trending in winter home decor this year. With this wreath, minimalism meets the outdoors as a silver or gold hoop is decorated with leaves, bows, flowers, bells, and greenery. There are many different styles of hoop wreaths that include different elements, but most only have part of the hoop decorated, showing off a clean look with a plain gold or silver hoop taking up part of the wreath. The hoop wreath is trending with a unique take on winter as a silver or gold hoop is decorated with winter leaves, cranberries, pinecones, and garland. Customize your hoop wreath for winter to keep up with the latest winter home decor trends!


Earthy Elements and Colors  

In the winter and the cold weather, people like to bring warmth into their homes in different ways. This year, earthy elements and colors are used to bring a warmer feel to the indoors. These colors create a calm and relaxing space that also feels welcoming and cozy– something that is especially wanted when it is colder outside. Warm up your space with the colors you choose this winter by choosing earthy elements and colors for your choice of home decor.  



Leather is a classic material that has come back in style this winter both as something to wear and as furniture. Leather is warm, earthy, neutral, and modern. Leather has great texture to it that can add to any space. This material is a home decor option that brings earthy elements to a space that are also neutral and classic. Use leather for accent pieces in a room to add some dimension to your space this winter.  


Let the Outside In   

While there are many beautiful landscapes to see outside in winter, it is not always enjoyable to see them from the outside. That’s why letting the outside in this winter is another trending winter home decor option. By adding garland or plants, you can experience the look and feel of the outside, while staying cozy, warm, and comfortable inside. Plants, both alive and fake, can add nice texture to a space. Plants are often a bright green color, and this pop of color can bring vibrancy to your space, especially when it is winter time and you may see less greenery outdoors due to the winter season. Experiment with letting the outside in with plants as part of your winter home decor this year. 

Fashion and home decor change with the times and often with the seasons. You can really elevate your space by decorating it with the latest winter home decor trends. Interested in learning more about Griffin Realty Group and how we can help you with your next buy or sell in Texas? Contact us today to learn more about our homes.